The Towla Worm and Your Sacrifice

The Daily Drive: Episode 27

The Towla Worm and Your Sacrifice 
In Psalm 22 a messianic psalm that speaks of the crucifixion and the coming eternal reign of the Lord, verse 6 tells us:
“But I am a worm, and no man; A reproach of men, and despised by the people.”

An interesting note is that the Hebrew word used for worm here is not the typical word for worm. It is towla a specific kind of worm called the scarlet or crimson worm. This worm is crushed for its bright red color and used in dyes for expensive fabrics. In the life cycle of this worm when they are ready to lay eggs, the worm embeds itself into an oak tree and forms a hardened shell around the eggs, and dies so its new offspring can live.

Using the towla worm in this psalm foreshadows the crushing sacrifice of Christ. The scarlet worm sacrificed itself for its offspring, just as God sacrificed Jesus for us, His children.

Reflection Questions 

- How can you sacrifice yourself to further the kingdom as scripture tells us?
- What does that sacrifice look like on the daily?

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