The Authority of The Old Testament

The Daily Drive: Episode 26

The Authority of the Old Testament 
The radical communist George Orwell once said “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Our history is vital to who we are as people, as a nation, and more importantly our faith. Looking at Christ on the cross is only a snapshot of the full story. Without the historical context of why Christ came and died on the cross, the gospel will have little weight on a soul. Without the Old Testament, The New Testament has no authority. Without authority, we find ourselves in a world with progressive Christianity, an anything-goes mentality, and a devastating lack of doctrine.

The very first prophecy concerning Christ is found in the very beginning of the Bible. Just after The story of creation comes the story of the fall in Genesis 3. In that moment we see the heart of God to ‘cover’ the sins of a rebellious people with the blood of an animal, and the promise that one day there would be a final sacrifice. In the free gift of grace, Justice still had to be served.

Reflection Questions 

- Why is Genesis 3 so pivotal to our understanding of the Gospel?
- What is the difference between God's Justice and Man’s?

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